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Since 1980, Booher Consultants has worked with organizations to increase profitability and productivity through more effective communication skills—including presentation skills training, business writing training, interpersonal skills training, and more.

Booher is recognized as the preferred communications resource for companies who want a more intensive training program for their employees, managers, and executives. In fact, Booher has trained more than half of Fortune 500 companies.

When you partner with Booher, you form a relationship with a team of communication professionals committed to serving your organization. Booher’s singular focus on corporate communication—coupled with extensive industry experience, published research, and proven methodology—ensures results for our clients.

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When you present information, do you have the impact you intend? Do you struggle in deciding what to include in presentation overviews and briefings?

Do your written documents accomplish the results you intended? Would you like to save reading time by reducing the length of emails, letters, reports, or proposals? Improve clarity?

Would others describe you as one who has “personal presence” in informal interactions? Do you establish rapport immediately?

Discover how Booher Consultants can provide unique and customized training information for you and your business.

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increase profitability and productivity through more effective communication

Need help in shaping a difficult message to your shareholders? Are your people hoarding information rather than sharing it?

Need to produce greater results with fewer people? Tired of reading convoluted email and reports?

Are you losing sales because your team’s communication confuses your customers rather than clarifies your value?

Want to measure the return on your investment?


The solution is clear – Booher coaches your team to focus on the essentials and increases their capabilities to deliver results.  Whether you are seeking enhanced leadership skills to building stronger business writing skills or brushing up on your communications skills.

We teach people how to communicate
when those skills don’t come naturally!

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