Booher Consultants is a global communications improvement firm that works with organizations to increase profitability and market share through more effective communication—including oral communications skills, business writing training, interpersonal skills training, and more.

Focusing on industries and functional divisions where business communication is the single most time-consuming activity and the one most critical to success, Booher helps organizations dramatically increase productivity, achieve intended results, and present the appropriate image to both colleagues and customers.

Effective communications skills are vital to delivering results.  Booher has established a global track record of success in the following critical communication areas to assist your teams:


Daily Operations

  • Clear, concise emails and reports
  • Informative management, team, and cross-functional briefings
  • Efficient meetings that lead to decision and action
  • Interpersonal effectiveness that gains buy-in and achieves team results
  • Employee feedback that motivates and improves performance
  • Listening skills that lead to solutions
  • Conflict resolution


Sales and Service Effectiveness

  • Winning sales proposals
  • Persuasive sales presentations and consultative dialogue
  • Facilitation of focused client meetings
  • Listening skills to understand client needs
  • Negotiations that improve relationships and protect profit
  • Customer service that builds loyalty


Project Management

  • Informative and persuasive team presentations to colleagues and clients
  • Well-written status reports
  • Clear technical presentations to non-technical audiences
  • Interpersonal effectiveness to build loyalty and generate add-on projects

The bottom-line impact? Your people produce better results … in less time … with fewer resources. Efficient communication habits and methods take root throughout your organization.

When you partner with Booher, you form a relationship with a team of communication professionals unconditionally committed to serving your organization. Booher’s singular focus on corporate communication—coupled with extensive industry experience, published research, and proven methodology—ensures practical and profitable initiatives for our clients.

Since 1980, Booher has built a select client list of major global corporations. We focus on these specific industries: manufacturing, insurance, financial services, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, oil/gas/chemical, telecommunication, and aerospace/defense.

We teach people how to communicate
when those skills don’t come naturally!

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