The Booher Difference

The most expensive training occurs when learners invest time, effort, and money in a course, only to return to the job without having mastered the concepts and skills or without being able to achieve the expected business results. While Booher maintains pricing that is in the middle range of the Association for Talent Development survey ranges, we pledge to deliver the highest quality for your investment. And we succeed!

What makes Booher different?

Proprietary Content

Proprietary Content: Learn Practical Techniques and Strategies That Really Work

Our methodology, techniques, and strategies are not based on public domain information. Rather, our course content has been built on more than twenty years of first-hand experience with business professionals. Booher is involved in ongoing research in the field of communication, as evidenced by the more than 40 books published by major US publishers (Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Warner, Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill). None of our programs are based on self-published works. Additionally, our program design involves accelerated learning principles to match the way adults learn.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results: Make Sure Your Investment Pays Off

All Booher courses include recognized standards of measurement first identified by Donald Kirkpatrick (levels 1-4 of measurement). All Booher courses include measurements at levels 1 and 2. Additionally, Booher can lead organizations to complete level 3 and level 4 measurements:

Level 1: Learner satisfaction survey
Level 2: Tests on skills, knowledge, or attitude
Level 3: Application of skills/knowledge on the job
Level 4: Impact of learning and on-the-job use of skills/knowledge to the organization’s profitability

Multiple Formats for Delivery

Multiple Formats for Delivery: Stay Flexible for Delivering Training to Multiple Locations and Under Different Business Conditions

Booher offers its communication skills training programs to suit your diverse audience needs: in-house training, public workshops, licensing arrangements for client delivery on intranets or in the classroom, and self-study programs.

Customization of Programs

Customization of Programs: Use Ideas and Exercises Appropriate to Your Needs

One size does not fit all. Booher can either customize an existing communication training program or create “from scratch” a program focused on your objectives and communication issues, situations, documents, or presentations. To us, customizing does not mean simply changing a course title or adding a client logo on the workshop materials. True customization or program creation may involve creation of new exercises, development of unique job-aid references, change of emphasis, and feedback appropriate to learners’ specific job functions. From oral communications skills, business writing training, interpersonal skills training, and more. Booher’s target is to arm your team with the right communication skills to help them deliver results.

Appropriate Class Size and Use of Time

Appropriate Class Size and Use of Time: Ensure Time Is Well Spent with Ample Practice and Feedback—No Fluff

For both in-house and public writing and presentation skills training workshops, Booher maintains a small class size of 10 to 20 participants, depending on the course topic. Why? Small classes allow interactivity, questions from learners, personal feedback from instructor and peers, and ample practice time. Our 8-hour and 16-hour workshops include just that—8 or 16 hours of instruction, without distractions of sales pitches or back-of-the-room product sales.

Administrative Support to Clients

Administrative Support to Clients: Eliminate the Worry by Letting Us Handle the Details

Booher has the support staff to assist you with program delivery—from room diagrams and audiovisual coordination to course announcements, shipping details, and certificates of completion. We have enough certified communication skills instructors to deliver your program to hundreds of employees within a few weeks. You confirm the dates; we handle the rest.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record: Remove Your Risk

Booher has provided training for 280 of the Fortune 500 companies, including comprehensive custom training programs for IBM, American Airlines, MCI, Deloitte & Touche, and JCPenney.

We teach people how to communicate
when those skills don’t come naturally!

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