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Booher_121616_BlogYou may have face-to-face presentations down pat, but what about those times when you have to present your ideas for 10, 15, or 50 minutes in a teleconference?

Presenters can sometimes sound flat, frightened, or even forced. Consider these tips to increase you impact:

1. Stand Up

When standing, you’ll automatically adjust your presentation style. The result: Better posture, deeper breathing, better vocal variety, and increased energy. All of these contribute to a more confident and credible delivery.

2. Get the Picture

We communicate better when we sense others are listening. In lieu of having a real person sitting in the room with you, pull up someone’s LinkedIn or Facebook profile picture and direct your comments to the person in the photo. Visualizing a real person helps keep your comments conversational.

3. Take a Break

Pause periodically for input. Rather than talking non-stop for 15 to 30 minutes, break your comments into small chunks, maybe no more than six or seven minutes. Make sure your audience is still engaged by asking for feedback or concern or by having someone summarize the takeaways.

4. Be Prepared

Treat the logistics of a teleconference just like any other face-to-face presentation. Call in early to make sure the technology is working, have a back-up number in case of emergency, and keep reference documents within easy reach. Do you have water nearby? Plans to control background noise?

5. Keep it Real

Avoid sounding scripted by relying too heavily on notes. Speak naturally with simple words in short sentences. Consider it a conversation. Don’t forget that you can always experiment with different material and delivery methods as you hone your skills and develop your unique style. And you can always gain additional insight from watching your favorite presenters.

Presenting terrific teleconferences can be as easy as it looks, unless you forget the basics. Use these tips to help build your credibility and effectiveness as a communicator.

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