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No leadership skill is more critical than communication. Leaders who can instill trust, engage others in a vision, and inspire them to action have a huge chance of success in whatever they undertake. Leaders who lack communication skills lag far behind their peers.

That’s why we at Booher are thrilled at the honor of being named by and Leadership Excellence as one of the “Top 15 Leadership 500” Global Excellence Award winners for 2014.  Booher has been ranked on this list every year since its inception, but this is the first year that Booher has been recognized in the “Large Provider” category at the “Top 15” slot.

We at Booher have been coaching leaders in developing and delivering clear communication for more than three decades, and are still pleased at the popularity of our programs: Creating Executive Presence, Talking to the Top Brass®, and 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know.

For more details about the award, click here.

Thanks to all of you as our clients for your continued confidence in our programs!

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