3 Ways to Build Credibility with Straight Talk

Do you find yourself bending the truth a little, perhaps to make a difficult message hurt less? Although your intentions may be good, sugarcoating situations can cross over the line into dishonesty. Integrity is at the heart of building credibility, which can be accomplished through straight talk. Here’s how.

Acknowledge the truth

If you find your team’s sales are down, don’t be afraid to own up to …Read More

Business Grammar Hints and Helps: “If I Was You…”

How many times have you heard, “If I was you…” as a prelude to receiving advice? If the quality of the grammar is any indication of the quality of the advice – beware! Give some good advice of your own, using the subjunctive mood correctly.

“Subjunctive-mood sentences state conditions that are contrary to fact, or highly unlikely to happen. They can also express strong wishes, demands …Read More

Speak with Confidence—Just Released in Audiobook on Audible.com

They made it—just under the wire! Audible.com has just released my latest audiobook Speak with Confidence! in time for our upcoming public workshop Presentations That Work, June 14-15. It’s also available on Amazon.com and iTunes.

Now about you.

If you find yourself giving more and more presentations (And who doesn’t? Life is a series of presentations), this audio book can you to:

  • Control nervousness
  • Develop a roadmap and structure your presentation quickly Read More

Timeless Ideas to Tempt and Engage a New Audience

Our consumer culture loves new things. We thrive on the latest trends, gizmos, and gimmicks. But sometimes the right message for the moment resides on your bookshelf or eReader inside the pages of a classic written a hundred years ago. As you aim to communicate with your audience, don’t always assume that you need to create something new in order to offer value.

After all, our …Read More

Facebook, Twitter, Google: Should All Information Be Free on the Internet?

The “information should be free” controversy has been raging for the last several years with no signs of resolution. Big money rests on the outcome. Google argues their right to collect it, categorize it, archive it, and grant admission for others to get to it. A decade ago newspapers claimed they owned electronic rights of articles they’d published, authors kicked and screamed about copyright violations, …Read More

Multitasking Leads to Communication Gaffes

But you get my point: In real life, important communication—whether writing or speaking—deserves your undivided attention and concentration.

A new book released today, SuperCompetent® by productivity expert Laura Stack, amplifies this same idea. Check out the third of her six A’s on becoming a supercompetent employee: attention (focus and concentration).Read More

From Boring to Bravo: Kristin Arnold Shares 3 Tips for Adding Interactivity to Presentations

Guest Column

With more than a billion presentations given in one month, it’s no surprise some are really quite boring. After all, it’s much easier to recite information than to make an interactive presentation. If you truly want to connect with your audience, you can choose to make your presentations more engaging and interactive. 

It’s as simple as… 

1. Engage Early 

Your presentation starts the moment the meeting is announced—with …Read More

Attend ASTD International Conference & Expo May 31-June 3

Attention members of the training industry! Come visit me at the ASTD 2009 International Conference & Exposition – Washington, D.C., May 31-June 3, 2009!  I’ll be speaking and doing an autographing session on Sunday, May 31, at 1:45 p.m.
·         Creating Personal Presence:  Communicating with Confidence® in the C-Suite (1:45 – 3:00 p.m.)
·         Book signing at the bookstore (3:15 p.m.)
The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies …Read More

Use Your Communication Skills to “Freshen” Your Resume

For those of you who may be looking for a job, L. M. Sixel, of the Houston Chronicle, interviewed me this week for a round-up article with a new twist on job hunting:  how to “freshen” your résumé if it has been circulating for a while—or if you think that your career history is rather ho-hum.  

She had heard from others that writing articles and books …Read More

What Abraham Lincoln Can Teach Us about Clear, Concise Writing

Guest Blog Post
by Philip Yaffe

Abraham Lincoln, America’s iconic 16th President (1861-65), was never known as either a great writer or a great orator. Yet he penned one of the most highly praised and oft-quoted speeches in history. It was probably so good because it clearly expressed his controlled passion toward the monumental event he was talking about. Nevertheless, it is possible to dispassionately analyze it …Read More