3 Ways to Build Credibility with Straight Talk

Do you find yourself bending the truth a little, perhaps to make a difficult message hurt less? Although your intentions may be good, sugarcoating situations can cross over the line into dishonesty. Integrity is at the heart of building credibility, which can be accomplished through straight talk. Here’s how.

Acknowledge the truth

If you find your team’s sales are down, don’t be afraid to own up to …Read More

4 Quick Presentation Tips to Measure Your Success as a Presenter

Take a minute and evaluate your last presentation, and use these four quick presentation tips to help measure your success – and to help direct positive results for your next speaking engagements!

What was the outcome?

Did you motivate the listener to take action? Did your listeners buy your service or support your cause? This is the first aspect in measuring your success,  keeping in …Read More


5 Essential Presentation Skills that Will Take You from Good to Great!

Do you recall a truly captivating presentation? Where the content stayed with you long after the meeting? There are many good speakers, yet it is the truly great whose words and thoughts stay with you. Here are five presentation skills that will propel your presentations from good to great!


A good speaker takes care to create the presentation. A great speaker, however, will first analyze …Read More

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There Is Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself… Getting over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Have you envied the public speaker who shares an engaging, seemingly effortless presentation? It is possible to quell the fear of public speaking and present with confidence. From visualization to isometrics, incorporating these practical tips into your preparation will give you confidence in your presentations.

It’s in the prep work.

You have gone over your speech several times. You have the information well planned. Now, to quell …Read More

Sales Presentation Tips – 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

In a competitive market, your ability to communicate articulately and effectively is critical to your sales success. The following sales presentation tips will help you avoid common pitfalls that will drive your audience crazy.


All about me. Too often, presentations begin with the speaker offering his or her credentials, backstory, or other personal or professional information. The problem? In your effort to establish credibility, you have …Read More

Public Speaking Tips – 6 Things You Should Never Say During a Presentation

Have you ever been tempted to use any of the following phrases? You may be discrediting yourself and your message and not even realizing it. Use these public speaking tips to increase personal presence and build credibility with your audience – avoid using the following:


“I don’t know why they asked me to do this.” In an effort to portray humility, speakers often throw away …Read More

Hostile Questions? Here Are 3 Presentation Tips to Help

Your presentation’s success and your credibility often ride on your ability to navigate hostile questions. To maintain your confidence, defuse the situation, and remain engaged with your audience, try these presentation tips.

Rephrase a legitimate question – minus the hot words and hostile tone. “Why are you demanding we submit those forms only with an approved signature? That’s totally unreasonable.” How you respond to such …Read More

5 Ways to Increase Your Likeability Factor as a Leader


Even though as a leader your goals may not specifically be to increase your own personal likeability, there is a correlation between how much an individual is liked and how successful they are. Most significantly, your likeability increases your ability to influence and connect with others. Here are some avenues to increase your own personal likeability factor.


Put others at ease. If someone mispronounces a …Read More

6 Tips to Take Your Communication From Good to Great

What makes people label some public figures (Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela) “great communicators” and others merely good?   Why do some professionals enter the workplace and earn the tag a “great leader who can communicate a vision” rather than simply “a good performer”?  Why do the media repeatedly refer to certain organizations for their “great communication” with customers while others go …Read More