You Don’t Say! 3 Things to Avoid in Emails

Our daily communication is wrapped in the written word, and emails are probably a part of your everyday professional culture. But don’t just click “send” – take a moment and be aware of the implication of your content. There are some things you should avoid in emails.

Yeah, right! (Or, be wary of sarcasm and humor)

Humor is extremely difficult to translate into the written word, …Read More


Excellence in Writing – Why It Matters

Writing may not be your forté, perhaps you even dread putting your work into written form. However, excellence in writing is critical to your success – regardless of your field. Here’s why it matters.


Excellence in writing avoids confusion

Outside a Moscow hotel, there is a sign that reads, “You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous Russian and Soviet composers, artists and writers are buried …Read More

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Am I the Only One Who Can Hear This??

So I can’t stand these phrases or words that have kind of worked their way into our everyday speech, because at the end of the day, we all just want to communicate clearly? I remember specifically the first time whenever I heard each one of these annoying little speech crutches.

Can you count the number of issues I have with those two opening sentences? Let me …Read More

6 Business Writing Skills to Take You from Good to Great

Face-to-face and phone communication is fading from our everyday communications and has swiftly been replaced by writing. We work and live online and communicate via writing – Facebook and other social media, performance reviews and sales proposals, reports and recommendations – and modern communication is conducted in great part via the written word. It stands to reason that great business writings skills will give you …Read More

Improving Your Business Writing: Kick the “To Be” Habit

The assignment still gives me sweaty palms: Mrs. McCullough, 7th grade English teacher, made our class write an entire 5-page essay without any form of the verb “to be.”

That’s right, no is, are, was, were, will be, shall be, can be, could be, will be, would be, has been, have been in any form could appear in that paper.  Actually, she shouldn’t have to bear …Read More

Writing a Winning Sales Proposal Is Like Building a Grand House

Like any good sales consultant worth a paycheck, you’re responsive, right? So when a client says, “Get me a proposal and let’s see if we can do business,” you’re ready to pull a document together and get it out the door.

I’ve watched salespeople scurry through a sales-fail that goes something like this:

––Grab a similar proposal that they or someone sent out recently and do a …Read More