When to Phone, When to Email – 3 Quick Tips to Know the Difference

You need information. You need to connect with someone else to get it. But when does the situation merit a phone call? Here are questions to ask yourself to know when to email versus when to pick up the phone and call.


How soon do you need a response?

If you need information quickly, call. You can’t control someone else’s response (general life principle), so if …Read More


You Don’t Say! 3 Things to Avoid in Emails

Our daily communication is wrapped in the written word, and emails are probably a part of your everyday professional culture. But don’t just click “send” – take a moment and be aware of the implication of your content. There are some things you should avoid in emails.

Yeah, right! (Or, be wary of sarcasm and humor)

Humor is extremely difficult to translate into the written word, …Read More