Effective Leadership – 6 Big Reasons Small Talk Matters

Would you rather run a 10K than spend two hours engaged in conversation at an office party? If so, you’re not alone. However, there are several significant reasons small talk can have a big impact on your leadership effectiveness. Consider these vital roles that small talk serves.


Small talk builds rapport. Talking with others in informal settings gives them a sense of who you are …Read More

5 Ways to Increase Your Likeability Factor as a Leader


Even though as a leader your goals may not specifically be to increase your own personal likeability, there is a correlation between how much an individual is liked and how successful they are. Most significantly, your likeability increases your ability to influence and connect with others. Here are some avenues to increase your own personal likeability factor.


Put others at ease. If someone mispronounces a …Read More

6 Ways To Communicate As A Leader

The essence of leadership is communication.  Although Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader covers four “parts” to developing and strengthening the ability to persuade, influence, and connect, it’s not surprising how often readers thumb through that book and comment on how many of the skills have to do with “communication.”  Then they often launch into a story about a coworker, boss, or …Read More

3 Stupid Things Leaders Shouldn’t Say

“Don’t take this personally.”  “Don’t come to me with a problem—unless you have the answer.” “We need to talk about that sometime.”  If you’ve ever uttered these comments, reconsider:

“Don’t take this personally.”  How else should you take a comment like that, delivered before a critique of your work? After all, who else did the work but you?  If a group, team, or entire department is …Read More

5 Tips to Increase the Likeability Factor as a Leader

Although your primary goal may not be to gain approval, as a leader you understand that likeability increases your ability to influence others. With that in mind, consider the tangibles involved:
Put Others at Ease
Your stock rises as the anxiety of those around you declines.   When someone asks a question and mispronounces a word, never embarrass them by correcting them in front of others. When …Read More

6 Reasons Small Talk Can Be a Big Deal for Your Career

If you’d rather run a 10K than chat two hours at a holiday party, you’re not alone.  In fact, dread of what many refer to as schmoozing knows no bounds; it can make CEOs as well systems analysts sweat.

But small talk is no small matter when it comes to getting ahead—or even getting even.  And by getting even, I don’t mean revenge.  Although many people …Read More

5 Reasons Strong Leaders Admit When They’re Wrong

“We had no control over that project in our department.”  “Upper management made those decisions.”  “Competitors forced us into those arrangements.” “Those policies are set by the government/industry regulators/committee.” “If it were my decision, I’d handle it differently.”  “I wasn’t given a say in the matter.”
Shirkers suffer credibility gaps.  Yet, when the tough questions are raised, these responses roar back:
“I had no knowledge of the …Read More