Leading Meetings

Effective Leadership – 3 Tips for Leading Meetings

When leading a business meeting, does your audience engage? Do they offer feedback and interaction? Here are three keys to help you discover how creating a personal presence will give you an edge when leading meetings. Here’s how to use your position to its full potential in every scenario.


Take the spotlight

As you stand to give your presentation, you are the maestro. All eyes turn …Read More

Communication Skills: Contributing Your Valuable Ideas in Meetings — Series Part 2: 7 Don’ts to Keep Colleagues from Hating You in Meetings

In case they haven’t told you face to face, your colleagues have these common complaints about meetings you and they attend:

“People digress.  They talk all around an idea, and I often miss their point.”
“Some people don’t pay attention to where we are in the process. It’s like they’re ten minutes behind in the discussion we’re having.”
“You can’t get people to speak up in the meeting; …Read More

Communication Skills: Series on Contributing Valuable Ideas in Meetings—Part 1: 9 Tips to Keep Your Ideas from Being Ignored, Discredited, or Stolen in Meetings

About this time of the month, you’ve probably scheduled a calendar full of meetings to kick off the new year—strategic initiatives sessions for the new year, budget discussions, marketing meetings.  If you’re not participating in a typical New-Year-New-Organization marathon of meetings, consider the routine business meetings that make the marketplace go around.

If you’ve ever complained that you can’t get in a word edgewise in your …Read More