Writing Skills: Commas Drive You Crazy? Try This Simple Test

What people do intuitively with their voice inflection often bewilders them in writing. The challenge is translating voice inflection to the page, post, or tweet.   To be more dramatic about it: cut a comma and you may destroy someone’s career or see them in court.
To repeat: A comma tells a reader to pause. The absence of a comma means that a reader should keep going …Read More

Communication Skills: What To Do If You Don’t Get Along With Your Boss

“So what if your boss is the person you don’t get along with?  It’s like we just don’t click, and neither of us is talking about it.  Should I be the one who brings it up? Wait until my boss does?  Or just go look for another job?” These questions about communicating with the boss are some of the most frequent issues our trainers hear …Read More