Leading Meetings

Effective Leadership – 3 Tips for Leading Meetings

When leading a business meeting, does your audience engage? Do they offer feedback and interaction? Here are three keys to help you discover how creating a personal presence will give you an edge when leading meetings. Here’s how to use your position to its full potential in every scenario.


Take the spotlight

As you stand to give your presentation, you are the maestro. All eyes turn …Read More

Energy—The Missing Ingredient for Job Applicants & Presenters

I’ve been giving a lot of thought recently to energy.  Why some people have it, and others don’t.  How it explodes from some people, and how you can’t coax it from others.  How it benefits those who have it, and how it limits those who lack it.
Sixteen-year-old Mason recently confided that he’d aced his first interview for a part-time job and had a call-back for …Read More

Communication Tip of the Day: Nix the Negative Signals

If you disagree with someone or doubt what she’s saying, consider voicing your opinion tactfully at the appropriate time rather than screaming the message with negative body language. Be cautious about the following negative signals and positions, which an adept student of body language can read easily:

Leaning backward with your hands clasped behind your head (considered an arrogant, know-it-all posture)
Leaning your chin on your hand …Read More

Communication Tip of the Day: Avoid Typing Your Personality With Your Voice

If you were participating in a corporate skit, how would you play the part of a complainer? (Whiny, nasal voice?) How would you play the part of a crook? (Raspy, harsh tone?) How would you play the role of an incompetent nerd? (High-pitched, rapid, quivering voice?) How about the role of a sexy coquette? (Breathy, slow speech?) An impatient teen? (High-pitched, fast-paced, shallow?)
All other things …Read More

Communication Tip of the Day: Be a Student of Expressiveness

People in some cultures are expressive over the slightest pain or joy, with wild gesturing and body movement, varying intonation, and dramatic facial expressions. Those living in other cultures may experience the deepest pain or joy with no outward expressions at all––no gesturing, expressionless faces, monotone voices, and stillness. Consider the stoic faces of the Japanese people as they dealt with the aftermath of the …Read More

Communication Tip of the Day: Lower Your Voice on a Cell Phone in Public Places

Walking through airports these days, I often chuckle to myself as I survey a scene that looks like a mental hospital, with patients wandering about aimlessly, talking aloud to themselves. (No offense intended to those of you who have loved ones institutionalized. I’ve had occasion to visit such a place, where my grandfather had to spend the last two years of his life after a …Read More

Body Language: What Do You Communicate When You Walk?

Cindy, a former employee at our company, could plow you down flatter than a Mack truck before she ever realized you were standing in her path. It wasn’t that she had it in for you for some reason; it was just that some mornings Cindy had places to go and people to see.

“Good morning,” I recall saying to her distinctly one morning as I stood …Read More

Communication Tip of the Day: Make Gestures and Movements With Care

Making a circle with the thumb and forefinger means “OK” or zero in the United States; however, it conveys zero or worthlessness in France, money in Japan, and an obscenity in Russia and some South American cultures. A pointed finger, which is perfectly acceptable to Americans, is considered rude by Asians, Africans, and Belgians. Remembering to point with my closed palm and thumb was a …Read More