5 Tips for Increasing Your Teleconference Presentation Skills

You may be well skilled with presentation skills for large and small groups and even video conferencing, but have you thought about honing your teleconferencing skills? Here are a few tips to enliven your talks.


Mind your posture during the call.

Sitting up straight or even standing will automatically improve your posture, facilitate deeper breathing, give you better vocal variety, and increase your energy. All these factors …Read More

Presentation Skills: Do Your Webinar Slides Wow Them or Weary Them?

Just because you build and advertise a webinar doesn’t mean people will come.  And once they show up doesn’t mean they will stay.  And just because they stay doesn’t mean they will listen actively and shut out the other distractions around them. Your slides—how you design and use them—play a key role in enticing people to engage with you.


Build Your Webinar Slides for Maximum Engagement
Attendees …Read More