Timeless Ideas to Tempt and Engage a New Audience

Our consumer culture loves new things. We thrive on the latest trends, gizmos, and gimmicks. But sometimes the right message for the moment resides on your bookshelf or eReader inside the pages of a classic written a hundred years ago. As you aim to communicate with your audience, don’t always assume that you need to create something new in order to offer value.

After all, our …Read More

Facebook, Twitter, Google: Should All Information Be Free on the Internet?

The “information should be free” controversy has been raging for the last several years with no signs of resolution. Big money rests on the outcome. Google argues their right to collect it, categorize it, archive it, and grant admission for others to get to it. A decade ago newspapers claimed they owned electronic rights of articles they’d published, authors kicked and screamed about copyright violations, …Read More

Get Your Book Published—Success Stories

Once a year, I host a 3-day publishing event for both seasoned and first-time authors. Of all my workshops, coaching sessions, and keynotes throughout the year, I just might look forward to this one the most. Lives change, careers blossom, and relationships develop during each intense workshop.

Almost every time someone discovers that I’m an author, they tell me that they’ve always wanted to write a …Read More

Brilliant Banter—The Value of Talking It Through

Our latest Get Your Book Published event January 10-12, 2008, wrapped up this past weekend.  Authors left here with exciting projects ready to add to their already distinguished product and service lines.  Independent consultants, employees of large organizations, novelists—they all understood the value of writing a quality book quickly and that the burden of marketing primarily falls to them as authors, not their publishers.

But the …Read More

The Voice of Authority Featured on Dr. Laura!

Do I have any Dr. Laura listeners out there?

If you tune in to the show today, you’ll hear Dr. Laura reference my new book, The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know, as her giveaway promotion of the day to the first 50 listeners who respond. (Check her site or listen online at www.DrLaura.com.)

With an audience reportedly approaching 18 million, I’m …Read More

The Voice of Authority Takes to the Airwaves

Forget the lazy, hazy days of summer!  With the release of The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know, I’ve been hustling and bustling through airports and interviews galore!

Just talked to a delightful host on the Alvin Augustus Jones Show in Oxford, North Carolina (aired in the Raleigh, NC, metroplolitan area), and another earlier one with The Bill and Joel Morning …Read More

Amazon Bestsellers List: The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know!

Thanks to you, The Voice of Authority made a splash on Amazon during its initial launch on Tuesday, June 26.  You, as faithful readers, helped push it to the top of several sales categories! 

Overall, among ALL Amazon books, old and new, we achieved these rankings:# 73 Amazon Bestsellers list # 3 “Movers & Shakers" list# 1 Business Communication# 2 Business Skills# 5 Management and …Read More

“Get Your Book Published” Workshop—Helping Authors Create Proposals That Sell

A small group of dedicated writers gathered at the Booher Training Center April 19-21 to fine-tune their book ideas, chapter outlines, titles, and marketing plans.  In addition to the book writing process, participants learned the in’s and out’s of getting the best deal on their subrights, licensing arrangements, and merchandising agreements.

If you missed this event, you may want to check www.booher.com for the next scheduled …Read More

Authors Succeed With Queries, Agents, Proposals, Contracts!

As we gear up here for our third "Get Your Book Published" workshop in Dallas, April 19-21, I’ve had several past attendees "check in" with me about their ongoing successes.  I thought it might be motivating to some of you considering writing a book to launch a new product or service or to showcase a new area of expertise to hear that past attendees have …Read More

Another Successful Publishing Workshop Is “In the Books”

Congratulations to those brave souls who decided to WRITE their books—rather than just talk them.  Great ideas are a dime a dozen.  Book ideas included.  Far too many would-be authors talk all their passion away.  That is, they tell their friends, family, coworkers, next door neighbors and anybody else who’ll listen that they plan to write a book on X "someday."  Problem is that they …Read More