Business Grammar Hints and Helps: “If I Was You…”

How many times have you heard, “If I was you…” as a prelude to receiving advice? If the quality of the grammar is any indication of the quality of the advice – beware! Give some good advice of your own, using the subjunctive mood correctly.

“Subjunctive-mood sentences state conditions that are contrary to fact, or highly unlikely to happen. They can also express strong wishes, demands …Read More

The “New You” – 3 Keys to Connect and Communicate Effectively

Do performance appraisals cause you angst? Perhaps you struggle to connect and communicate in a powerful way – or perhaps you come across too strongly.

While many people struggle in the area of interpersonal communications, you can take steps toward confidence and improve communication skills. By following these three easy steps, your business presence can have a drastic overhaul. The “new you” will be one of refinement and …Read More

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There Is Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself… Getting over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Have you envied the public speaker who shares an engaging, seemingly effortless presentation? It is possible to quell the fear of public speaking and present with confidence. From visualization to isometrics, incorporating these practical tips into your preparation will give you confidence in your presentations.

It’s in the prep work.

You have gone over your speech several times. You have the information well planned. Now, to quell …Read More

Sales Presentation Tips – 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

In a competitive market, your ability to communicate articulately and effectively is critical to your sales success. The following sales presentation tips will help you avoid common pitfalls that will drive your audience crazy.


All about me. Too often, presentations begin with the speaker offering his or her credentials, backstory, or other personal or professional information. The problem? In your effort to establish credibility, you have …Read More

Do You Know the Secret to Being Persuasive?

Good question! No, really, that is the answer – asking good questions! Posing the right question will engage your audience, capturing their attention and piquing their interest. Here are several creative ways to ask persuasive questions in your presentations.

Open with a provocative question. This will capture and direct your audience’s attention right out of the gate. As they calculate their responses to your question, they …Read More

Communication Skills: 10 Tips to Create Credibility as a Leader

Does what you say sync with what you do? In addition to meeting your deadlines, achieving all your project goals, and staying within budget, establishing trust in your communications is vital to your career. In both oral and written communication, including your social media interactions, a lack of trust will lower your hallway credibility.  And once you’ve lost it, it’s all but impossible to regain.
Consider …Read More

Kevin Eikenberry Recommends Creating Personal Presence by Dianna Booher

Check out Kevin Eikenberry’s article on the importance of presence as a leader.  He should know a thing or two about the subject. As the author of the popular Bud to Boss book and program, he’s been providing leadership development for two decades, with assessments, coaching, mentoring, and customized training tools. Thanks, Kevin, for a mention of my Creating Personal Presence book that officially releases tomorrow (Oct 4). Glad you …Read More

Leadership Communication: Communication Challenges for Leaders of the Future — Part 6: Fundamental Skills Gap

In the months since the Great Recession, while stalled between the two viewpoints “we’re rebounding” and “we’re heading for a double-dip recession,” organizations have learned that they can get along with fewer employees. After downsizing, survivors find themselves now filling the roles of two colleagues laid off or outsourced as a part-time contractor. The result: Many middle managers and senior executives who formerly had administrative …Read More