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Credibility is so important when dealing with colleagues and managing employees, but it is also incredibly easy to lose. Try your best to be straightforward with everyone and avoid dishonesty. Act with integrity and you’ll see your reputation and credibility grow. Any obstacles your team faces will be overcome with optimism and creativity, because they know their superiors are leading with integrity and empowerment.

Follow these tips to help build credibility:

Acknowledge the truth. Be honest about the need for neBooher_Blog_020216gative feedback. Own up to low sales numbers, but be careful not to single anyone out publicly. No one wants to be humiliated in front of their peers, and even worse, this can encourage a scapegoat mentality within your workforce.

Always strive to accept responsibility for your own shortcomings as well. Nothing harms your integrity like finding fault in others but not in yourself. Build respect and credibility by shouldering the responsibility and consequences when something goes wrong.

Don’t candy coat it. Empty platitudes like “It’ll work itself out” don’t do anything for your employees but insult their intelligence. No one knows what the future holds, so don’t make assurances you don’t know you can deliver on. One of the best ways to build your credibility is to manage expectations. Be encouraging and direct in delivering your vision for the future.

Focus on options. No situation is limited to one solution. Be open to changing protocol if better options present themselves. The best way to do this is to look to your diverse team members. Each has different strengths and opinions and each might have a great new idea on how to solve a problem.

By bringing these ideas together, you will build credibility while working toward a solution. Become a thought-leader.

Need more help with communication skills? Check out our video series at the Booher Academy YouTube Page.

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