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Executive communications expert Dianna Booher shares communication tips.

If you were participating in a corporate skit, how would you play the part of a complainer? (Whiny, nasal voice?) How would you play the part of a crook? (Raspy, harsh tone?) How would you play the role of an incompetent nerd? (High-pitched, rapid, quivering voice?) How about the role of a sexy coquette? (Breathy, slow speech?) An impatient teen? (High-pitched, fast-paced, shallow?)

All other things being equal, movie producers accept or reject actors based on how their appearance and their voice match the characters they’re to portray. You may be typed for life by the impression that your voice creates. Become aware of how you sound to others—your volume, pitch, speaking rate, tone, intensity, and other qualities.

Dianna Booher, an expert in executive communications, is the author of 46 books.  Her work has been translated into 23 languages.  Her latest books include Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader  and  Communicate with Confidence, Revised and Expanded Edition.  As CEO of Booher Consultants and as a high-caliber keynote speaker, Dianna and her staff travel worldwide to deliver focused speeches and training to address specific communication challenges and increase effectiveness in writing skills, presentation skills, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication.  1-800-342-6621

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