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Have You Phoned Your Folks Today?

No matter your age, the parental link can nourish your path for life. If your parents are still living, have you spoken with them today to ask what’s on their mind and to include them in your world?

With only the occasional exception, from wherever I am in the country, I’ve phoned my mom and dad every evening for the past 25 years.  The conversations are rarely long––sometimes no more than a couple of minutes––just long enough for them to know I’m thinking of them and thankful for the upbringing they’ve given me.

So what do we talk about so frequently?

  • What did the president say/Congress do (or not do) today?
  • What happened in the stock market?  I haven’t had time to check.
  • What have you been doing.  How was  your day?
  • I’ve had a rotten day, fighting with computer crashes. Here’s what else has happened. ….
  • What’s going on with the rest of the family this week?
  • When’s your next doctor’s appointment?
  • Have you heard from Aunt Cill?
  • I’m trying to make a decision about X. What are your thoughts on this deal?

The questions and topics really don’t matter. The reason for the call is simply to communicate interest, show concern, and offer support.

But as I’ve come to realize through the years, the daily communication with parents and family members is not so much for THEIR well-being as for yours and mine.

I’m thankful for family and friends.  How about you?

By the way, who else do YOU need to call this week?  Happy Thanksgiving!

25 thoughts on “Have You Phoned Your Folks Today?”

  1. It’s such a gift to stay connected. Thanks for sharing your connection with your mom and dad with us in this post. Makes me smile and think of my mom I think I’ll give her a call. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I have to use other means of communication as both my parents have passed, but the staying in touch message is an important one. Some long lost friends come to mind over the holidays and I wish I knew 20 years ago what I know now.

  3. I call my mom every morning on the way to work. Anything in addition to that is lagniappe. Unfortunately my father is sad story and I wont bother you. But it does make me more grateful to have my mom so close.

  4. I sent my brother an email the other morning to tell him I love him. It had been too long since I had told him, but it was too early to call. He called when he woke up and saw the email … to ask if I was okay. 😉

  5. Belated Thanksgiving greetings to Dianna and other readers from India. Good call out on calling one’s folks regularly. I pretty much had interacted/called my mom every day while she was alive, I do the same thing with Dad who currently lives with me. Not phoning our own folks frequently can make our interactions with them phony over time. Thank you.

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