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People digest numbers with great difficulty. Yes, pie charts and bar graphs help. But try to make statistics both visual and experiential. For example, randomly survey the members of your audience by asking them to raise their hands, then relate those findings to the random survey you did previously. Or do as one manager did when he dramatically ripped a dollar bill in two to illustrate what the administration had done to his budget for the upcoming year. Yes, supporting statistics lend credibility to what you say. But do all you can to help your audience digest them 

Dianna Booher, an expert in executive communications, is the author of 46 books. Her work has been translated into 23 languages. Her latest books include Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, andAct Like a Leader and Communicate with Confidence, Revised and Expanded Edition. As CEO of BooherConsultants and as a high-caliber keynote speaker, Dianna and her staff travel worldwide to deliver focused speeches and training to address specific communication challenges and increase effectiveness in writing skills, presentation skills, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication. 1-800-342-6621

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