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Executive communications expert Dianna Booher shares communication tips.

If you disagree with someone or doubt what she’s saying, consider voicing your opinion tactfully at the appropriate time rather than screaming the message with negative body language. Be cautious about the following negative signals and positions, which an adept student of body language can read easily:

  • Leaning backward with your hands clasped behind your head (considered an arrogant, know-it-all posture)
  • Leaning your chin on your hand with an index finger on the side of your face (critical of what’s being said, disbelieving)
  • Rubbing the back of your neck (disbelieving, doubtful)
  • Picking imaginary lint off your clothing (disagreeing, but holding back)
  • Folding your arms across your chest (disagreeing and defensive)
  • Tapping your fingers on a table or desk (impatient)
  • Pursing your lips (disagreeing)
  • Pressing your lips tightly together (angry, frustrated, or holding back information, comments, or emotions)
  • Rolling your eyes (sarcastic shrug)

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