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Exact numbers sound more credible: “The number of employees dissatisfied with their paychecks was 51.4 percent” sounds exact, and therefore accurate. Rounded numbers, on the other hand, give the appearance of estimations. Yet “slightly over half” is easier to remember than “51.4 percent of the employees surveyed.” So which do you use if you want the numbers to be both credible and memorable? Use the exact number first, and then round it off in later references.

Dianna Booher, an expert in executive communications, is the author of 46 books. Her work has been translated into 23 languages. Her latest books include Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, andAct Like a Leader and Communicate with Confidence, Revised and Expanded Edition. As CEO of BooherConsultants and as a high-caliber keynote speaker, Dianna and her staff travel worldwide to deliver focused speeches and training to address specific communication challenges and increase effectiveness in writing skills, presentation skills, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication. 1-800-342-6621

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