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Writing may not be your forté, perhaps you even dread putting your work into written form. However, excellence in writing is critical to your success – regardless of your field. Here’s why it matters.


Excellence in writing avoids confusion

Outside a Moscow hotel, there is a sign that reads, “You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous Russian and Soviet composers, artists and writers are buried daily except Thursday.” Although amusing in this context, poor word choices can lead to significant misunderstandings in the workplace.

“The 90-day clause in the contract, which is still pending approval, does not allow for a price increase.” Which is pending: the 90-day clause or the contract itself? This sentence implies the contract is pending approval. What would the implications be if your client assumed the 90-day clause was not approved, but the contract indeed was? This miscommunication would affect the client relationship, and could potentially lead to legal disputes as well.

Ambiguity creates confusion.


Excellence in writing reinforces your credibility

Imagine a skilled woodworker, fashioning a custom table. The detail of the inlaid wood creates a stunning mosaic, displaying the craftsman’s skill and expertise. He realizes that one of the legs is unexpectedly an inch shorter than the rest – and the craftsman’s response is simply, “It’s not that important, no one will probably even notice.”

That would be ludicrous, as the craftsman would have been swift to spot this fault and to remedy the situation – long before that table was ever presented to others. It’s his work. His signature piece.

When it comes to errors or missteps in writing, however, many a brilliant mind reflects that same sentiment, “It’s not that important, no one will probably even notice.” Yet in point of fact, when you present your well-researched findings or your strategically planned proposal, poor writing negatively affects your credibility.

Excellence in writing is truly a learnable skill, and one essential to reinforcing credibility.


Booher’s Rules of Business Grammar

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