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So much of modern business communication takes place via the written word. We send and receive so many emails that we often forget to think about or review what we’re writing. Here are three reasons why writing quality emails is essential:

1. It avoids ambiguity. Take the time to edit your work anstudent-849825d fix areas in which you were vague or unclear. Be specific. When you reinforce your message with clarity, it brings much needed substance to it.

2. It reinforces your credibility. Few things harm the reputation of your business like sending an email full of spelling errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes. It also harms your personal credibility and discredits your message. Build up confidence in yourself by ensuring you are writing and sending quality emails.

3. You’ll get results. When you write messages with clarity, the reader will better understand the action plan and purpose of your message. You’ll save time by avoiding additional correspondence to explain what you’ve already said once, and that will help produce quicker results. Save time, save money. Simple, right?

Always remember that your writing is a reflection of your professionalism. Writing quality emails expresses your message right alongside your reputation.

Need more help with communication skills? Check out our video series at the Booher Academy YouTube page.

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