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Communicating Holiday Messages to Your Loved Ones

Do you simply say, “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” “Happy Holidays,” or  maybe just “Have a safe trip and a wonderful weekend with your family and friends” when it comes to an emotional time during the holidays, . . . at the anniversary of a loved one’s passing, . . . or at the milestone of some achievement like graduation?

At sentimental seasons and situations, many people get “Aw, shucks” lockjaw.

That is, they feel the urgency to communicate to their family or friends how much they mean.  But then either of three things holds them back:

  • Lack of skill in expressing what they feel
  • Concern that their words or unexpected emotion (theirs of the other person’s) will embarrass one or both
  • Fear that the other person will not be on the same emotional wavelength and will leave them feeling somehow odd or “wrong” for saying something so, . . . well, . . . personal

My advice?  Brush those concerns aside.  By most predictions, you’re going to live only 80-90 years (give or take a few).  

If, at these special times of the year, you can’t communicate what your friends and family mean to you, when will you?  When will it be easier?

So this season, send a card, tuck a handwritten note inside that gift, whisper a meaningful message with that hug!

Merry Christmas!  And just so you don’t forget:  I appreciate you, my readers!  

4 thoughts on “Communicating Holiday Messages to Your Loved Ones”

    1. Right, Sharon. There are so many occasions that we could be communicating more meaningfully with our family and friends. I’ve just had a wonderful time of celebration with 23 family members at my home. Great times! And we do try to express appreciation for each other openly.

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