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  1. It would give you something to tweet about.
  2. A poem, song, or rap would be one more blog topic on your idea list.
  3. Thanking your in-laws for their “support through the years” would make them wonder what favor you’re about to ask next.
  4. You’d set a good example for your kids about a positive attitude of gratitude.
  5. Communicating gratitude to your boss for your job might result in praise to you for work well done.
  6. Communicating gratitude to community officials will make them better leaders.
  7. Communicating thanks to your parents for your upbringing will put a spring in their step and tears of joy in their eyes.
  8. Communicating gratitude to your kids for their solid character will let them know what’s important in life.
  9. Communicating gratitude to your family will let them know you don’t take them for granted.
  10. Communicating gratitude to God will remind you that He’s the source of all good things in life.

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