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Booher Consultants has a brand new one-day Booher Academy workshop, Leadership Communication Essentials, coming in February 2017!

And we want YOU to join us!

Enter below for a chance to win one FREE seat at our upcoming February 21, 2017 workshop ($595 value) and a Booher Book Collection ($100 value)!

Leadership Communication Essentials will draw from topics found in two of our most popular offerings (Presentations That Work® and Communicate with Confidence®). You’ll learn and practice communication skills which you can immediately apply on the job.

  • Communicate with Confidence: Improve your listening skills and learn how to resolve conflict by studying its causes, the Do’s and Don’ts of conflict, and how to deal with difficult personalities.
  • Presentations That Work and Creating Executive Presence: Improve your presentation skills through hands-on exercises and learn how to think on your feet using Booher’s own SEER format.

Since 1980, Booher has worked with over half of the Fortune 500 companies offering on-sight workshops to help improve public speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication for professionals.

The curriculum for Booher Academy’s is derived from our extensive publications and decades of consulting work with corporate clients. A proven resource for professionals wanting to improve their business acumen, our training expertise includes the following:

  • Presentation Skills: Improve organization, presentation structure, delivery skills, visual design, and question-and-answer techniques.
  • Writing Skills: Improve personal and corporate productivity, achieve intended results, improve clarity, and present the appropriate image to clients, colleagues, and the public.
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills: Learn how to identify and practice communication and interpersonal skills that build rapport, cooperation, and loyalty among co-workers and clients.

Contact us to find out how Booher Consultants can help achieve your corporate goals by investing in the improvement of your teams’ communication skills.

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