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In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, here are some suggestions to start the wheels turning for ways you may want to communicate your love to that special someone:

1.   “I’m the luckiest man/woman on the planet to have you.”

2.   “The day I met you was the best day of my life.”

3.   “I love you more every year.”

4.   “If I lost everything in the world—and still had you—I could make it.  You are my world.”

5.   “I don’t care where we live, where we go, or what we do just as long as I’m with you.”

6.   “You make my life meaningful.  By comparison, before I met you, everything was vanilla.  Now, it’s richer, deeper, fuller, significant.”

7.   “I love and respect you more every day that we’re together:  your work, your accomplishments, your wisdom, your decisions, your way with people.”

8.   “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

9.   “Heads sure do turn when you walk into a room.”

10.  “Remember:  I love you, and you’re taken when all those jealous people out there are trying to get your attention.”

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