Booher’s goal is permanent improvement in communication skills and long-lasting results. We can either suggest ways for you to track your return on investment or actually do the tracking for you.

In a nutshell, here's what you'll find:

Presentation Skills

For clients who need to deliver team presentations, sales presentations, or management briefings, we provide presentations skills training.

  • Informative and persuasive presentations
Writing Skills

For clients wasting time with unclear, disorganized documents damaging to their image, we provide business writing training, technical writing training, sales writing, proposal writing, and grammar courses.

  • Clear, concise, action-oriented documents
Interpersonal Skills

Other clients face challenges with interpersonal skills such as listening skills or resolving conflict, or poor customer service.a

  • Dealing well with difficult customers and tough situation
  • Listening skills that help salespeople close more sale
  • Conflict resolution that leads to improved work
Management Skills

For clients and teams who meet frequently, and for managers responsible for facilitating meetings, we provide meetings training that gives leaders the skills and “mechanics” needed to lead a group to share ideas and make quality decisions.  Participants also come to understand their roles in the various processes that lead to more efficient meetings with measurable outcomes.

  • More productive meetings

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For more in-depth information about specific client results,

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We teach people how to communicate
when those skills don’t come naturally!

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