Individual Responsibility for Personal Development: Productivity, Image, and Results

Client — Frito-Lay, a leader in the convenient fun foods division of PepsiCo (a world leader in convenient snacks, foods, and beverages)

Strategic Goals

Gain employee buy-in and commitment to monitor their own career progress and seek out the skills necessary to excel on the job and lead their industry.

Communication Challenges

  • Gathering and reporting research data to develop new products to accommodate the population’s changing dietary preferences in an increasingly health-conscious environment
  • Interacting with so many cross-functional teams in a very flat organization—from highly technical food scientists to marketing strategists to plant production crews to delivery truck drivers
  • Working in a fast-paced environment
  • Increasing their individual value and contribution to meet higher and higher quality standards––from their customers, their strategic partners, their suppliers, and their own management team


Key team leaders and managers assessed their needs after this kick-off keynote/fair and contacted Booher Consultants to help them meet their communication challenges. As part of these initiatives, Booher worked with many departments/divisions to achieve these various productivity and quality goals:

  • Conducting meeting facilitation training—training in both leading and participating in meetings to reduce time spent in meetings and to make necessary meetings more productive
  • Providing strategies for paperwork reduction and managing information overload
  • Conducting Email Excellence™ training to improve communication between departments and to suppliers, partners, and customers
  • Coaching to create and deliver high-impact marketing campaigns
  • Creating content for marketing presentations to inform route drivers of national marketing support
  • Coaching individual presenters to speak at high-visibility industry meetings
  • Conducting Presentations That Work® training for managers and other professionals
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and recommending formats for key management and research reports
  • Training food scientists to write more informative abstracts for specific technical research reports
  • Training general professionals to make more informative and persuasive presentations to internal teams, suppliers, and management
  • Working with individual executives to identify communication-skill gaps and improve teamwork
  • Delivering keynotes for their annual women’s initiative programs to facilitate improved cross-gender communication among functional teams
  • Facilitating highly customized sessions to improve communication between corporate headquarters and field operations
  • Providing books and study guides for brown-bag lunches on life balance, facilitated by internal volunteer staff


Frito-Lay presented Booher Consultants with a “Minority/Women Business Development Supplier of the Year” award for total impact on the organization’s quality and productivity initiatives.

ROI (Client Comment): “Dianna Booher’s practical tips on eliminating paperwork contributed to a 27 percent reduction at company headquarters!”—Bruce Paton, Vice President of Internal Consulting at Frito-Lay, Inc.

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