Measuring Results

Booher measures return on your training investment at four levels, first identified in the 1950s by Donald Kirkpatrick, a pioneer in performance improvement and return on human capital investment.

We can either suggest ways for you to track your return on training investment, or actually do the tracking for you:


Do your employees like the communication training? Do they think it will help them do their jobs better?


Do employees actually know what to do differently on the job and how to do it? In other words, can they pass a knowledge test or perform well during a training program?

Skill Transfer

Are employees actually using the skills on the job? For example:

  • Do they write clearly, concisely, and quickly?
  • Can they develop winning sales proposals?
  • Do they give clear management briefings?
  • Can they deliver persuasive sales presentations with authority and confidence?
  • Do they lead productive meetings?
  • Do they listen effectively?
  • Can they offer specific constructive feedback to others?
  • Do they solve customer issues in a timely, systematic method that builds long-term loyalty?
  • Do they resolve conflict without asking for intervention?
Bottom-Line Impact

What’s the actual impact of our communication skills training in achieving corporate goals?

  • Are you saving labor costs because individual employees can accomplish more in less time?
  • Can fewer employees accomplish the same workload as previously handled by more people?
  • Are employees closing more sales and generating higher profits?

We teach people how to communicate
when those skills don’t come naturally!

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