Course Description

This highly interactive 4- to 8-hour workshop provides participants an opportunity to test their listening skills and practice better listening techniques. As a result, they’ll improve job performance and build stronger relationships.

Key Objectives

  • Identify attitudes and habits that negatively affect message reception
  • Gather information through probing questions
  • Verify assumptions and accuracy
  • Build rapport through attentive body language
  • Interpret feelings that accompany facts
  • Identify distortions and mental erasers
  • Listen discriminately to persuasive appeals
  • Focus on six essential elements of hearing instructions and delegated projects clearly

Additional Information

Participants receive a copy of Communicate With Confidence®: How to Say It Right the First Time and Every Time (published by McGraw-Hill), as well as a workbook.

Comm wConfidence Rev Ed Front Cover (2)

Anyone who interacts with others on and off the job


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