Leadership Communication Essentials draws from topics found in two of our most popular offerings (Presentations That Work® and Communicate with Confidence®). You’ll learn and practice communication skills which you can immediately apply on the job.

  • Communicate with Confidence: Improve your listening skills and learn how to resolve conflict by studying its causes, the Do’s and Don’ts of conflict, and how to deal with difficult personalities.
  • Presentations That Work and Creating Executive Presence: Improve your presentation skills through hands-on exercises and learn how to think on your feet using Booher’s own SEER format.

Course Description

Whether listening to the needs of team members, resolving a problem with a supplier, or presenting a solution to a client or prospect, leaders need command of their communications. In this 8-hour public workshop, you will learn and practice skills to help you to communicate with confidence, courage, and a calm presence.

Key Objectives

  • Identify habits and attitudes that affect listening capacity.
  • Gather information through probing questions.
  • Verify assumptions when listening.
  • Phrase conflict statements directly but positively to focus discussion on the issues.
  • Deal with difficult people with practical, proven techniques.
  • Understand executive presence and how presence affects reception of your message.
  • Receive valuable feedback on in-class presentations.
  • Practice thinking on your feet to respond to questions clearly, concisely, and credibly.

Additional Information

Course participants will receive copies of two texts authored by Dianna Booher: Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader (Berrett-Koehler, publisher) and Communicate With Confidence (McGraw-Hill, publisher). They will also be given a course manual and laminated cards for on-the-job reference to key concepts.


Designed for current and future leaders, this workshop is open to all who seek to improve their communication skills. The workshop liberally “samples” from two of our most popular 2-day programs, Presentations That Work® and Communicate With Confidence®, and is also ideal for anyone who has previously participated in either of those workshops and would like a refresher or reinforcement of skills.

Class size limited to 20 participants, in order to provide the maximum training effectiveness.

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