Course Description

The planned part of the presentation goes fine, but what about the Q&A? Do you build or destroy your credibility when you open the floor to questions from your colleagues or customers? Nothing showcases your expertise like the ability to think on your feet and respond easily and credibly to questions. This 4-hour presentation Q&A session focuses on the ten most difficult questions from customers and colleagues, with specific presentation skills techniques to handle each type most appropriately. Participants will practice and receive critique on their facilitation of a question-and-answer session.

Key Objectives

  • Organize thoughts quickly and persuasively with the SEER Format®
  • State your opinions succinctly and clearly in impromptu situations
  • Anticipate questions and prepare clear, credible answers to routine questions
  • Identify and respond authoritatively to ten difficult question types
  • Retain poise and control the situation despite distractions or hostility
  • Design and use visuals effectively
  • Use a dynamic presentation delivery style
  • Respond to questions authoritatively
  • Control nervousness

Additional Information

Presentation skills training participants will receive a copy of the text Speak with Confidence: Powerful Presentations That Inform, Inspire, and Persuade (McGraw-Hill). Job-aid cards are also included.


Anyone who handles question-and-answer periods in discussions with supervisors, colleagues, or customers

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