Course Description

Do your employees waste their own time and that of others with rambling, incomplete, or unclear email messages? If so, this eight-hour email writing training workshop will provide tips and techniques to save your organization time on both the sending and receiving end of communication!

Key Objectives

  • Use the MADE Format® for organizing messages quickly and clearly
  • Identify essentials for recording customer interactions in your database
  • Select appropriate details
  • Make information easily accessible with easy-to-read, eye-appealing layouts
  • Improve clarity of your messages with short sentences, specific words, and clear references
  • Identify and correct the ten most common grammatical errors
  • Differentiate between informal and formal styles—and when each is appropriate
  • Follow the rules of email etiquette to create the proper image
  • Manage high-volume email

Additional Information

Email writing training course participants will receive the text E-Writing: 21st-Century Tools for Effective Communication by (Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books) and job-aids. The participants’ own email samples will serve as class exercises for practice of the techniques learned.


Anyone who composes mail. Course also focuses on oral communications skills, as well as leadership skills.


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