Course Description

This 16-hour writing skills and proofreading course gives participants a basic review of the parts of speech and basic sentence patterns. Following this refresher, course participants practice their skills by identifying and correcting the most common grammatical errors. Finally, they apply principles of clarity, conciseness, and style as they edit consultant-provided documents and their own samples.

Key Objectives

  • Review the parts of speech and basic sentence structures
  • Identify and correct the most common grammatical errors
  • Edit documents for 8 principles of clarity
  • Edit documents for 4 principles of conciseness
  • Edit documents for an up-to-date, appropriate style
  • Practice proofreading techniques to eliminate misspellings, typos, layout inconsistencies, and grammatical errors

Additional Information

Writing training workshop participants will receive the texts E-Writing: 21st-Century Tools for Effective Communication(Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books) and Good Grief, Good Grammar (Facts on File; Ballantine Books). Additionally, they will receive a participant manual of consultant-provided writing exercises and job-aid cards. Their own documents also will serve as writing training exercises for application of the proofreading techniques and editing principles taught.


Secretaries, administrative assistants, and others whose jobs include proofreading and editing for clarity, conciseness, style, and appropriate grammatical structure.


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