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The CEO of the PR firm gushed when I called to say that I’d decided to accept their proposal, "I’m thrilled to be working with you again! I can hardly wait to get started on the project.  We’re a perfect match."

Okay, so now we’re six months down the road. The project is over. The project manager sent the final report by email about 6 weeks ago, and I’m waiting for … well, I guess, I expected the CEO to call, email, or send up a hot-air balloon or something to say, "Muchas gracias. Adiós, hasta luego." "Grazie. Ciao." Or "Merci. Au revoir."

I was beginning to think maybe we are the only firm on the planet that still tells our customers "thanks"—until three such notes arrived this week:



Thank you for the opportunity to edit your important preview tape this past month.  As I told Glen, I know it was a leap of faith to use a new vendor.  I appreciate it.

Additionally, I’d like to ask you to consider using my services for any videotaping needs you might have.  I have considerable experience and use some of the best 3-chip-cameras going. I project-manage, direct, shoot, edit, produce, and web-develop for my clients. I’d love to have a chance to show you what I can do—at a price that’s agreeable and a quality level that’s exceptional.

Thanks again!


Thank you, Dianna.  I absolutely learned a lot from you today and I know as I am onstage, I will be aspiring to be as polished, engaging and professional as you!

I am very happy with the content and the flow!

Thanks again to you and, by the way, your staff is amazing.


Thanks, Dianna, for your time in giving feedback on my website. That was exactly the kind of input I needed.


These notes are brief, specific, sincere. All the things a great thank-you note should be.  Not only are they day brighteners for the recipient, they can pay off for the writer.  They often lead to more opportunities and referrals—as in the case with Kurt’s note. At the very least, they leave a great relationship intact.

Going on week SIX now, I’m still waiting for the CEO to notice that our PR project has concluded and to gush her appreciation for the business. Want to place bets on whether they’ll handle our next $50,000 PR project?

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